About the Brethren Crew



A Coastal Lifestyle Company 

For over 70 years between the 17th and 18th centuries, a group of pirates and privateers, known as the Brethren of the Coast, reigned over the Caribbean and surrounding waters. Contrary to popular belief, these men followed a tightly organized set of rules, or the Custom of the Coast. These codes and rules were put in place to help maintain order on board the ship and also to guarantee the men their cut of the

prize, giving them incentive to fight harder...


We started this company in hopes of bringing back the ways of the old, banding together to make a much needed change. While living a respectful, responsible, and adventurous life, the Brethren will strive to instill the values that seem to be missing in the world today, such as Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and loyalty.

Brethren Code 

-Always conduct yourself in a manner befitting a gentleman, even at 3 sheets


- Guard your reputation, it's all you have


 - Lead by example


- Never act in anger


- Respect everyone, especially your elders and women